Even though it’s been 14 years since he lost hope that Farrah Fawcett would live, her partner continues to walk with a cane and buy roses in her honor…

When Farrah Fawcett appeared in the film “Charlie’s Angels” in 1976, it catapulted her to fame almost immediately. When it was published in the same year, the poster that had been shot of her before she appeared in the part established her become a sex symbol.

After only appearing on the program for a single season, the actress went on to earn acclaim for her performances in the off-Broadway play “Extremities” and the film “The Burning Bed” in the middle of the 1980s. As a result of her performance as an abused wife, the former member of a sorority at the University of Texas received a nomination for her first Emmy Award.

After being diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006, Fawcett was forced to go through radiation treatment as well as chemotherapy. The celebrity had been given the all-clear from cancer until the ailment manifested itself again the following year, forcing her to continue undergoing treatment.

When she was receiving therapy, her family’s struggles with illicit substances were making headlines, but she managed to maintain a cheerful attitude. According to Alana Stewart, who is both a friend of the actress and a co-producer of “Farrah’s Tale,” the following may be stated about the actress:

“She has an always upbeat attitude. Her attitude has remained upbeat throughout the whole of this journey.”

Fawcett lost her courageous battle with anaplastic ovarian cancer on June 25, 2009, at the age of 62, in Los Angeles. Ryan O’Neal, the longtime boyfriend of the diva, stated that the loss was terrible for the actress’s family and friends, but that they took consolation in the “wonderful moments” they’d enjoyed with her. The actress passed away in 2014.

Ryan said that they found solace in the knowledge that the star’s life had provided joy to a great number of people all across the globe. Before Fawcett went away, she courageously discussed her connection with her partner in Stewart’s documentary, which she appeared in before she passed away.

During her treatment, her spouse was always by her side to provide support and comfort. Ryan, who was 68 years old at the time, said to Barbara Walters during an interview on “20/20” that he had asked Farrah Fawcett to marry him again after the couple had been together for over 25 years.

The engagement was going to take place as soon as the actress was feeling well enough to consent or nod her head in agreement. Ryan said that he had always asked for her hand in marriage, and eventually it became a joke that the two of them joked about. But, he promised that they would one day walk down the aisle together, but she passed away before they could do so.

Mike Pingel, who had worked as Fawcett’s assistant in the past, said that the actress had done all in her power to battle cancer. She subjected herself to experimental therapies that were being conducted in Germany and also taught people about the illness since she felt compelled to tell her story in order to be able to assist others.

Walters had an interview with the celebrity in 1984 in which they discussed her relationship with her lover. She said that the reason she hadn’t accepted any of Ryan’s previous offers was that he was “very demanding.” At the time, the celebrity was expecting his son, Redmond O’Neal, and she was pregnant with him.

During the burial of the actress, which took place at the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, one of the pallbearers was the actress’ lover. In addition to this, he delivered a reading at Fawcett’s funeral ceremony, continued to adore her long after she had passed away, and once said:

“I have never loved her more than I have during the last several years,” the speaker says.

After Fawcett passed away in 2009, Ryan, who was 78 at the time, recalled her saying, “There was never a day I didn’t adore her.” When the actress was still married to Lee Majors in 1979, she finally gave in to her feelings for her longtime partner.

The actor who played “The Six Million Dollar Man” had requested Ryan to check on Fawcett while he was abroad filming, and the rest of their relationship was recorded in history. Redmond was born in 1985, which was before his parents declared their decision to divorce in 1997 and said that they would co-parent him.

Despite this, the pair got back together when Ryan was diagnosed with leukemia (which eventually went into remission), and the actress took care of him throughout his illness. The star’s beau had a reputation for being a hothead, and the couple’s romance wasn’t quite picture-perfect.

On the other hand, Fawcett’s friend Sylvia Dorsey referred to Ryan as the “love of her life,” describing their relationship as such. Dorsey believed that the star wasn’t happy without her lover since the two of them often argued but still really loved one other, and she added:

“It was never dull in any way. Together, they created a magnetic force.”

Although while Fawcett’s dying days were filled with grief, there were still times when Ryan was able to make her laugh in the same manner he always had. According to Mela Murphy, the star’s companion at the St. John’s Medical Center in Los Angeles, he slept in a cot right next to her while she was there.

According to Murphy, the night before the celebrity’s loss, Ryan was said to have been discussing the circumstances surrounding the first time he met his fiancée. It was the way that he conveyed to her how much he loved her, and She grinned, rolled her eyes, and glanced over at Murphy as she did so.

Ryan made his second proposal to her only a few weeks before she passed away, and he never left her side in the months leading up to her passing. Stewart believed that she and Fawcett would have wed if Fawcett had survived, but this was an unreasonable expectation given that it was just a few weeks before her loss.

In 2017, he (Ryan O’Neal) shared a humorous photo on his Instagram account in which he sat in the middle of his two boys, demonstrating how much he enjoyed spending time with them.

The acquaintance said that the couple had a profound love for one another and a strong relationship, and that she would do everything to have Ryan by her side. Smith reminisced about how Ryan was “the love of her life” as she passed, and Ryan held her hand as she went by. Smith also added the following:

“There was never anybody else except Ryan. Who is your child’s biological father is. Always linked together.”

On the 14th of February, 2023, exactly 14 years after Fawcett’s passing, Ryan paid tribute to his late love by putting a rose on her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and referring to her as “My eternal Valentine.” In the year 2021, he paid the same homage that he had done on an annual basis.

In 2019, he posted two images from the past that included him and the actress. He also said that it had been 10 years since the actress had passed away. Before declaring his love for her, Ryan said that she will always be with him, and he went on to say that he had fought the same illness that had taken her life.

Fawcett went back to support Ryan when he was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia, despite the fact that the disease was not considered to be life-threatening at the time. Dede Binder, the publicist for the actor who starred in “Love Story,” said that it was curable and that he was doing well.

In Los Angeles, Ryan had previously had therapy for the disease that affected his bone marrow. After overcoming his first diagnosis of prostate cancer, the actor learned in 2012 that he had stage 2 prostate cancer. While he was stunned by the news, he was relieved that it was caught early, and the prognosis was that he would make a complete recovery.

The celebrity expressed his appreciation to his friends and family for their support and encouraged people to have routine medical examinations. Ryan was born on April 20, 1941, and was due to celebrate his 82nd birthday in 2023; nevertheless, he was still alive and in good health in the year 2020.

He shared a snapshot from his Instagram account that showed him socially isolating himself from his son Patrick O’Neal while using a cane to support his balance in front of his brand-new Lamborghini. The previous year, he commemorated the holidays with a photograph that showed him seated between his two dogs.

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