As she performed “I Will Always Love You,” Kelly Clarkson was described as “absolutely breathtaking”

Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “I Will Always Love You” didn’t just mesmerize the live audience, but it also captivated the internet. The talented singer shared the video of her stunning performance on YouTube, where it has amassed almost three million views and counting. Additionally, the video has received over 70,000 likes and numerous comments from fans worldwide.

One YouTube user praised Kelly’s rendition, saying that she managed to maintain the sweetness of Dolly Parton’s version while also incorporating the power of Whitney Houston’s version. The user concluded by stating that the performance was uniquely Kelly’s and that it was absolutely stunning.

Another viewer recognized Kelly’s exceptional talent, calling her the “epitome of a master” and applauding her for making the song her own instead of trying to emulate Whitney’s version.

Many others couldn’t help but praise Kelly’s remarkable vocal abilities. They admired her vibrato, pitch, and overall talent, with one user exclaiming that her voice is unlike any other.

Many internet users were impressed by how Kelly put her spin on such a well-known and popular song. Some commented that most singers who attempt to sing “I Will Always Love You” try to emulate Whitney’s version and fail, making the result anticlimactic. However, Kelly managed to make the song her own in a beautiful and unique way, which was refreshing and remarkable.

In conclusion, Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “I Will Always Love You” left an indelible impression on the internet and its users worldwide. Her tribute to Dolly Parton was a perfect balance of paying homage to the original song while still making it uniquely her own. Kelly’s outstanding vocal talent and unique interpretation of the classic hit make her performance one for the ages, and she should indeed be proud of it.

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