A 7-year-old girl is fighting for her life after branch from tall tree hit and fractured her skull

Quinlynn Irene Jones, a 7 year old second-grader girl from Kansas is sadly left struggling for her life after a visit to the park. Quinlynn walked to a park together with her two brothers and mom Jenna Jones on Saturday. Robust breezes ended up breaking a branch from an elm tree that fell 30 feet and ended up rupturing the child’s skull.

As per the reports, the strength of the shock was such that it ended up fracturing Quinlynn’s skull in two places. The little girl now admitted at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Overland Park struggling to stay alive. A crowed funding page created by her family defined her situation as life-threatening.

The page said that the girl was hit in the skull by a falling tree branch while playing outdoors and is currently in serious situation. The page will help for any medicinal expenditures and time off work that her mother will miss as she will be looking after her daughter. The page has an appeal to everyone to help Quinlynn’s family in every possible way and has the information that for any updates on this sweet girl, people can join her page on Facebook named, Quinlynns Climb!

Ruth Ann Park, the admin of the family’s Facebook group shared that Quinlynn’s mom does not held anybody responsible for what occurred to her daughter. Park said that there is no blame, no fury but just acceptance that this is where we are now.

In a fresh apprise, Parks shared that Quinlynn might want an operation for the depression breakage on her skull. He added that however her loved ones are hopeful that the inflammation reduces so she doesn’t have to go through an operation.

Parks further wrote that there is a minor likelihood that with enough rest, the inflammation can go down and that operation will not be essential. Parks continued and wrote that the last 4 days have sensed like a month and Quinlynn has lived a lifetime in these 4 days. This brave little girl has a chance to not need operation and that would be a key element to this Wonder. The Facebook page concluded to hold onto that small possibility as the brave girl has made it through what would have killed any grown-up immediately.

Medics are hopeful about Quinlynn’s retrieval but they still don’t know how much brain injury may have happened due to the mishap.

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Love and peace

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