Bullies Mock Poor Boy, His Brother Who Just Got out of Jail Finds Them – Story of the Day

Senior boys at school constantly mock 12-year-old Kyle, but things take a sharp turn when his ex-convict brother steps in. Hell-bent on finding the young bullies, he could care less about crossing limits to teach them an unforgettable lesson…

Kyle collected his lunch tray and sat alone at a table at the far end of the school cafeteria. He wanted to eat with his classmates, but everyone dreaded becoming his friend. All because three senior boys at school constantly mocked and bullied him.

Ray, Billy, and Joe were 16-year-old bullies who loved targeting Kyle because he was a shy, brilliant, and unpopular student. When the bullies saw him alone in the cafeteria that day, they decided to mock him again.

Billy snatched Kyle’s milk and poured it all over his lunch. “Bon appétit, loser!” he scoffed, tossing away the tetra pack. Joe began recording the scene on his new phone, and Ray forced Kyle to eat the milk-stained lunch.

“What happened, loser? Aren’t you hungry anymore?” he snarled.

Kyle’s eyes welled up with tears. “Leave me alone…” he whispered. “Why—why do you always pick on me?”

The bullies chuckled. “‘Cause your face annoys us, loser!” exclaimed Ray. “What a crybaby!”

None of Kyle’s classmates stepped in to help him. They knew Ray, Billy, and Joe would make their lives a living hell if they did that. After the bullies were done mocking Kyle to their hearts’ content and filming him on their phones, they disappeared from the cafeteria.

Never could Peter have guessed he would find his brother crying alone in the playground…
A poor Kyle stood there trembling and weeping. When he began wiping off the milk-stained lunch the bullies had thrown at him, all the students in the cafeteria looked at him with pity. They could do nothing to help the poor boy.

Kyle was not as strong as his bullies, so they always picked on him and mocked him. Everything he did made them look down on him, and it happened again that afternoon…

Kyle received an A in his math test and was praised by his teacher in front of the entire class. As he walked out of the classroom after the lessons, Ray snatched his test paper from behind.

“Looks like the loser is a nerd!” he laughed as he showed Billy and Joe the test paper.

“Give it back!” Kyle protested. “Give my exam paper back!”

“Or what, you freakin’ dork?” Billy asked. “Will you go up against us?”

“You can’t do anything!” Ray chimed in. “Go, go to your Mum and cry!”

The boys burst out laughing as they mocked him again. But this time, Kyle had had enough. “No,” he said quietly. “No! I’m not going to let you guys trouble me anymore!”

Kyle kicked Ray’s knee hard. As the older teen cried out in pain and knelt, Kyle snatched his test paper and ran away.

“You! Stop right there!” The bullies chased Kyle down but couldn’t catch up with him.

In the evening, Kyle’s family was preparing to welcome his elder brother home. Peter had served a minor sentence for theft and hooliganism. After his release, though, he was a changed young man.

As he stood on his house’s front porch after years, tears welled up in Peter’s eyes. He had been away from his family for four long years. Peter tightly hugged his parents and Kyle as the front door opened, but Kyle awkwardly pulled himself away from his brother.

Peter felt terrible. He knew Kyle felt ashamed of him because of his past. Being a criminal in the eyes of the world wasn’t as painful for Peter as being a terrible human in the eyes of his younger brother.

He wanted Kyle to look up to him, but he had done nothing to earn that love and respect.

While having dinner, Peter noticed Kyle seemed upset. He was pushing the mashed potatoes around on his plate with the fork, not eating a single bite.

“Hey, champ, all OK?” Peter asked him, trying to initiate a conversation.

“Why do you care?” Kyle snapped. “It’s not like you can help me. You couldn’t help yourself either.”

“Honey!” their mother chimed in. “You shouldn’t be speaking to your brother in that manner! He was only trying to be helpful! He’s a changed man, Kyle, and you need to start appreciating your brother.”

No matter how many twists and turns life takes, there’s always hope for a happy ending.
Peter’s eyes welled up. “Well, mom, it’s… it’s fine. Kyle is still young, and… he isn’t wrong. I did do some fairly awful things in the past, didn’t I? It’s true. I couldn’t help myself at the time. But at some point, I did started helping myself,” he added, glancing at Kyle. “If you tell me what’s bothering you, I can help you, champ.”

Kyle rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever,” he mumbled. “I’m done here. I’m off to my room.”

Peter really wanted to help Kyle. He suspected something at school was troubling his brother. But Kyle still wouldn’t open up to him. Not until that dreadful thing happened the next day…

The usual three bullies were out to get Kyle again. This time, it wasn’t just in the classroom or school cafeteria. This time, they found him alone on the playground after school, and they pulled in more of their friends to surround him.

“What—what are you doing?” Kyle sobbed. “Please let me go!”

But the senior boys had formed a ring around him and wouldn’t let him leave. “Didn’t you try to act too smart yesterday, loser? Now you see what we’re going to do to you!”

Ray pulled a sheet of paper from his bag with the words “KICK ME” written in large bold letters and stuck it on Kyle’s back. They then recorded him sobbing and asking to be left alone. “Take this as a warning, loser!” Ray hissed. “If you go against us again, we’ll make sure you see hell!”

The bullies disappeared a few minutes later, leaving Kyle sobbing in the playground. The young boy hugged his knees and cried bitterly. “Why! Why me? Why do they hate me?” he wept.

Suddenly, he felt a reassuring tap on his shoulder. “What’s wrong, Kyle? And who did this?” a familiar voice asked him, ripping the poster off his back.

Kyle turned around and saw his elder brother. The young boy was so scared and frustrated that he tightly hugged Peter and poured his heart out. Peter had planned on surprising Kyle by picking him up from school. Never could he have guessed he would find his brother crying alone in the playground.

Peter consoled Kyle, took him to an ice cream parlor near school, and got him his favorite ice cream. “Have it,” he said, gently pushing the ice cream cup close to him. “And tell me calmly what happened. Don’t worry, Kyle. I’m here for you.”

Kyle nodded and wiped his tears as he began telling Peter how he was being bullied at school for no reason. Peter was furious. “How dare they!?” he growled. “Those pests! I’ll teach them a lesson they’ll never forget!”

“Don’t…” Kyle warned. “They will bully me more, Peter. They…they are just awful.”

“Hey, Kyle, listen,” Peter argued. “We’re going to teach them a lesson my way. They can’t go around bullying younger children, OK? I’ve been in their shoes before and suffered a lot in my life. I thought I’d lost my younger brother forever, but now that we are together, let’s show them what we can do!”

Kyle still feared Billy, Ray, and Joe and didn’t want to go against them. But when he heard Peter’s plan, he agreed.

The next day, Kyle lured the bullies into following him to an abandoned mansion behind the school. “Where are you fleeing, loser? Stop!” Joe cried as he and his friends pursued Kyle.

The young boy sped up and dashed into the abandoned house. Outside, the bullies came to a halt and stared worriedly at the villa that hadn’t been inhabited in years. “We can always catch him at school tomorrow!” Billy proposed. “This place has so many weird stories. Let’s go back!”

“Don’t be a scaredy cat, Billy!” Ray said. “We’ll show that loser what we’re capable of! How about we lock him in here for the night?”

“Great, yeah!” Joe laughed. “C’mon! We can’t back off.”

The three boys dashed inside the old mansion behind Kyle. As they approached the foyer, the front door slammed shut with a thud. When they turned around, they saw several men with long sleeves of tattoos covering the front door. One of the guys stepped forward, and Billy recognized him.

“I…I know him!” he stuttered to his friends. “He was sent to prison, guys! His name is…Peter!”

“That’s very right, young man!” Peter grinned. “Now…I heard you guys enjoy bullying innocent children, don’t you?”

“Ha!” Ray laughed nervously. “I bet you caught the wrong guys. We aren’t bullies. We were just…you know, we like exploring old buildings. So, if you don’t mind, we…we need to leave.”

“Right, yeah,” Joe and Billy agreed. “We have to leave. We don’t think this building is fascinating.”

But Peter and his friends wouldn’t let the boys go anywhere. “Kyle!” Peter called out. “We’ve finally got ’em!”

As Kyle appeared and stood beside his brother, the bullies were shocked. They didn’t know Peter and Kyle were brothers.

“OK, well…” Ray stepped backward, quickly considering his options. He noticed a broken window upstairs. “Guys, the window!” he cried. “Run! We can still escape!”

The three boys dashed upstairs to the broken window in an attempt to flee. But they were in for another shock. More men appeared on the upper floor, and the boys realized they had no way out. At that point, the bullies began crying.

It was now Peter’s turn to film them.

“So you regret what you did, huh?” he asked, bringing the camera close to them and filming each of their crying expressions. The bullies were given a taste of their own medicine and begged Peter to let them go.

Peter paused filming and handed the camera to one of his friends. “Keep the video safe with you,” he said before facing the boys. “You should be ashamed of yourselves!” he fumed. “I was just like you guys in the past! Yeah, I did stupid things like you guys, too! I preyed on the elderly, shoplifted, and stole, and it cost me a lot of valuable things!” he told the boys.

“My younger brother grew distant from me, and people started looking down on my family…” he added. “You know, my father runs a grocery store. People stopped buying from us, so we were drowned in losses. Then came the lawyer’s bills when I was charged with theft. Take it from me, boys…While you still have the opportunity, change yourself.”

“Don’t… Don’t show that video to anyone, please,” Ray begged. “We’ll do whatever you say!”

Peter raised a brow. “Oh, really?”

“Yes! Yes!” Billy and Joe cried in unison.

“All right,” Peter said, rubbing his palms together. “I’ve got a few conditions. I did a little background check on y’all, and it turns out you are academic failures, but you love boxing. Well, meet me here after school tomorrow. Let’s have our first training session together. I love boxing too! But, but, but…if you fail to show up, all the kids in your class get to see your video, alright?”

The bullies agreed immediately and vanished as soon as the front door was opened. When they returned to the building the next day in their boxing attire, they were surprised to see a boxing ring set up in the living room. “Woah! That’s so cool. Are we gonna have boxing tournaments and stuff?” Ray asked.

Peter grinned as he and Kyle walked in, holding books in their hands. “Were you guys not expecting these books?” Peter asked, looking at the perplexed boys. “Well, education is important for everyone, even athletes. The brain is just as important as the muscles when it comes to physical activities. In fact, they need to work in perfect coordination.

“For now, let’s start with your brain training. We’ll move on to the muscles later. Look, guys, I began reading while in prison, and it changed my perspective on life. It reminded me of my mistakes and the corrections I needed to make. So, let’s get started, shall we?”

Peter was a changed man. He tried to instill those changes in the three kids as well. He gave Kyle and the boys four books. Only after each of them read all the four books and passed a ‘test’ would they move on to boxing.

The boys were so excited that they encouraged each other to finish the reading quickly and pass their reads on to the next person. Weeks passed, and without Peter realizing, his and Kyle’s relationship improved. Kyle started appreciating him more.

Then one day, he told him the bullies had changed, and he could now freely make friends and enjoy a peaceful school life. For the bullies, the story was far from over, though.

Soon, they began studying without Peter pressuring them, which helped them earn good grades. And years later, the three boys gave a speech on graduation day that left Peter in tears. Kyle’s entire family was at the event.

Ray, Billy, and Joe’s parents appeared on stage and thanked all of the teachers, with a special thanks to Peter for what he had done.

The former bullies not only graduated with good grades but also became better version of themselves. Peter was in tears when they told everyone that he had changed them for good. The man bullied by everyone in the past for being in prison had become a role model for many children. He silently cried that day, proud that he’d corrected the mistakes he’d made in his youth.

What can we learn from this story?

No matter how many twists and turns life takes, there’s always hope for a happy ending. Peter had done some terrible things in his life that landed him in prison, but he decided to change himself and correct his mistakes, leading to his happy ending—he regained his family and brother’s love.
Sometimes, you need to give people a taste of their medicine to make them rectify their errors. If Peter hadn’t stepped in to help Kyle, the bullies would’ve continued to bully the young boy and never worked on improving themselves.

Share this story with your friends. It might brighten their day and inspire them.

Love and peace.

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