The conclusion of a significant period has arrived, and Ozzy Osbourne requires prayers.

Following a surgical procedure on his back, Ozzy Osbourne made the decision to retire from performing and consequently canceled all of his scheduled shows. The veteran 74-year-old singer is currently grappling with multiple health issues, including Parkinson’s disease, which he was diagnosed with four years ago.

Initially slated for May 2019, Ozzy’s European tour was postponed to 2021 and then 2022 before ultimately being called off altogether. His last concert took place in December 2018 at the “No More Tours II: Ozzfest” event in Inglewood, California.

On Wednesday, Ozzy Osbourne, the renowned frontman of Black Sabbath, apologized to his followers on Instagram.

He expressed regret that he will be unable to participate in upcoming tour dates owing to difficulties from a catastrophic spinal injury he sustained four years ago.

Ozzy described it as “one of the most difficult things” he has ever had to communicate, explaining that despite regaining his singing voice, his body is still too weak after three operations and various therapies such as stem cell therapy and Cybernetics (HAL) Therapy.

He went on to say that, while he understands and respects their patience, the inability to make the necessary trips for live performances hurts him terribly.

In a poignant statement to his followers, Ozzy stated that the possibility of disappointing them hurts him more than they can comprehend.

In 2019, Ozzy’s health took a turn for the worse when he had surgery on his spine and was told that he might be permanently disabled.

To make matters worse, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease later that year, and he had a bad fall that aggravated his neck damage from an ATV accident in 2003.

With the realization that his days of traveling the world were few, Ozzy expressed his gratitude to those closest to him, including his family, bandmates, crew members, lifelong pals Judas Priest, and devoted fans who had given him a life he could never have dreamed.

Those who had purchased tickets for future shows were asked to request refunds at the point of purchase.

Ozzy Osbourne had two spine surgeries in 2017 to correct the damage caused by a quad bike accident 17 years before. He was left with 15 screws in his back and nerve agony all over his body.

Despite his crippling condition, Ozzy was brave enough to go under the knife again and had a successful treatment that involved severing nerves and taking pain relievers.

Only two months later, he was allowed to play at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony in Birmingham, his hometown.

His resilience and bravery in such adversity ought to be commended.

I’ve been feeling demoralized lately, partly due to my inability to move as quickly as I previously did. My mental state is relatively stable, and I can still sing and compose pretty soon, but my movement is severely limited.

It’s remarkable how one blunder or mistake can have such a long-term influence on your life, making it feel like I’ve been sick for an eternity.

My surgeon urgently recommended a particular procedure, stating that I would become paralyzed from the neck down if I did not. It’s an important message, so please inform your Ozzy Osbourne fans, friends, and family.

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