Tina Turner’s Husband Sacrificed His Kidney to Save Her Life | “He Didn’t Want Another Woman”

Tina Turner is a well-known singer noted for her powerful vocals. Due to health and personal considerations, the mega-star has eased down in recent years. Erwin Bach, her husband, has been steadfast in his support. This was not the case with her previous marriage.

Her first husband, Ike Turner, gave her the surname she is renowned for. Tina and Ike met at a Manhattan nightclub and have been nearly inseparable ever since. They started making music together, but their friendship got stronger over time. Tina and Ike married in Tijuana, Mexico, just a few years after their initial meeting, in 1962.

Their marriage looked to be picture-perfect on the outside, but it was crumbling on the inside. Tina subsequently revealed in her book My Love Story that the marriage was physically and verbally abusive. She recounted Ike’s demeanor and how, if he felt Tina had mistreated him in any way, he would become physically hostile. Tina decided enough was enough and divorced Ike in 1976 after years of abuse. She divorced him officially two years later.

Tina was resolved to stay single as a result of this. Until she occurred to run upon Erwin Bach by chance. Tina met Erwin at the airport when his company ordered him to pick her up. Tina was ready to perform in Germany when she met her now-husband, an EMI music executive in his 30s.

Tina claims she was drawn to Erwin right away because “he had the finest face.” It was impossible to overlook. Her heart skipped a beat. It denotes the meeting of two souls. Her hands were trembling. And when Roger said to her, ‘Tina, you ride with Erwin,’ she wanted to shout, ‘Yay!’”

Tina sent an invitation to Erwin to meet her in the United States, which he agreed to. Tina was certain Erwin was the one when they met in her part of the world. His humble and laid-back nature won over the vocalist. They married in 2013 after being together for 27 years and are very much in love.

Erwin defines their partnership as follows- It’s all about love. It’s something they both have in common. He usually calls it an electrical charge. It’s still in his possession. He still has that feeling even though he left her two hours ago. It’s in his blood. This makes him very happy.

Tina’s life had just begun to normalize when she learned some devastating health news. Tina was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2016. Her only options were regular dialysis or a kidney transplant. The latter would allow her to have a semi-normal life, but kidney donors were in short supply. Erwin, thankfully, stepped in. Her husband made the greatest commitment to save his wife.

She stated that he expressed he did not desire another lady or another life. Then he surprised her. He stated that he wanted to donate one of his kidneys to her.

Tina’s health improved as a result of Erwin’s efforts. But, just as things were looking up, her life took another devastating turn. Tina Turner’s firstborn son, Craig Turner, died. He was Tina’s former relationship’s son, but Ike Turner had legally adopted him. Despite everything, Erwin remained at Tina’s side and supported her throughout.

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