Am I Wrong For Not Inviting My Poorer Relatives To My Wedding For A Good Reason.

The protagonist, who is getting married in a destination wedding, sent out invitations only to those who they thought could afford to come, causing disappointment and accusations of rudeness from their mother who says they are judging people based on their income.

I am getting married in June. I sent out my invitations in January to give everyone time to RSVP.

We are having a destination wedding at a great resort in the Dominican Republic.

Our invitations were expensive. And we thought it was a good place to economize if we only sent invitations to people who could afford to come.

Right now my mom says she is very disappointed with me. I’ve upset so many people. My mom says that I was rude to judge people by their income.

I didn’t judge anyone. I just picked the people I thought could afford to go.

Am I Wrong ?

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