This music video features Dick Van Dyke, who Is 96-years-old, along with his wife dancing and singing. Watch the performance below!

The majority of us despise the prospect of growing old. We’ve seen the negative effects of aging, which can include bad health, decreased energy, loneliness, and sadness, and it doesn’t sound like much fun.

Mr. Dick Van Dyke, on the other hand, who is truly the entire package in terms of his performing abilities—acting, comedy, singing, and dancing—doesn’t appear sickly, lethargic, or melancholy!

The video begins with a performance title that has a retro feel to it in terms of typography and style. We next proceed to a big room filled with statues that appear to be Roman or Greek, as well as naked people similar to those found in museums.

Wall coverings with floral and fruity motifs are strong. In addition, there are mirrors. Mirrors of all forms and sizes can be found.

Arlene Silver, Dick Van Dyke’s wife, appears next, strutting up to an orange mirror. She’s dressed in black slacks, a black shirt, and a green sweater that matches the jade of another vivid wall in the background.

She checks her make-up and hair in that mango-colored looking glass while singing Doris Day’s 1958 hit tune ‘Everybody Loves a Lover.’ This cheerful and playful song’s first four lines are as follows:

Everybody loves a lover
I’m a lover, everybody loves me
Anyhow, that’s how I feel
Wow, I feel just like a Pollyanna

Arlene sings as she twirls, snaps, and saunters across the room to her spouse, who is seated in an equally brilliant and vibrant chair!

Dick Van Dyke takes a turn at the microphone and sings a verse. The song appears to be a straightforward message about how being in love can make you feel pretty darn amazing in general!

Dick Van Dyke is always right on point! His actions are in sync with the lyrics, and his smile is as fresh as it has ever been. As others approach the scene, he easily rises from his chair and dances with Arlene.

The Vantastix, a trio of gentlemen vocalists, provide backing vocals, while Tony Guerrero, a well-known jazz trumpeter, adds flavor to the song. Both artistically and musically, the video is a joy to see!

As the song ends, the couple sings together, embraces, and walks over to a loveseat. There are a few glimpses of the nonagenarian as he playsfully wraps the naked bodies with transparent fabric before kissing Arlene.

The final beautiful wink to fans at least half as old as Mr. Van Dyke comes when he nearly trips over an ottoman, as he did at the start of every episode of the famous television show that bears his name.

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