Luke Bryan Performs On Stage – His Son Comes Up And Takes Action

American country singer-songwriter, Luke Bryan has managed to win a numerous amount of awards for his outstanding singing abilities, and it’s fair to say that country music lovers worldwide are huge fans of the ever-talented young man.

But in the video below, it looks as though Bryan may just have to up his game considerably, as there is a new kid on the block who seems to be even more popular! Who are we talking about? Bryan’s adorable one-year-old son, Bo!

You see, this little guy just couldn’t help himself when his dad persisted to sing his famous song, “Country Man,” while performing at a live concert. He walked ever so proudly on stage, wearing his super cool Superman tee, and joined his dad to show off his amazing dance moves, and believe us, he had some impressive dance moves! What a brave young man!

To top off the magical performance, Luke picks up his beloved son at the end of the song and gives him a sweet kiss! Then, of course, the crowd went w ild, showing their love and support for the cute pair.

It’s safe to say that Luke is an amazing role model for little Bo—we have a sneaky su spicion that Bo wants to be just like his dad when he grows up! I wonder what amazing music he’ll be recording one of these days.

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