Just moments before passing away, a teenage mother cradles her newborn son, who smiles in her arms, demonstrating the immense love she had for him.

When Abbie Hallawell’s 17-year-old daughter, Teegan Barnard, became pregnant, her life was on the verge of a significant transformation. However, the joyous occasion soon turned into a tragic one when Teegan suffered a cardiac arrest during childbirth. Despite the medical team’s best efforts to rescue her, she passed away shortly after delivering her baby boy, Parker John.

Shortly before she passed, Teegan was able to hold her baby in her arms. Her mother Abbie made sure to take pictures of her daughter and her grandson so he could have a memory of her.

Abbie knew her daughter would have been the best mother in the world. While Parker grows both she and her son-in-law make sure to talk about Teegan as much as possible.

Parker is still too young to understand what happened to his mother and they want him to know just how much she loved him.

They often dress Parker in clothes which have photos printed of him and his mom so she can always be close to his heart.

Parker is seen smiling at his mother in one of the photos which is a memory he will cherish forever.

Rest in peace, Teegan.

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