Country music star Blake Shelton takes foster children on a fishing trip and I think he deserves our recognition

When Blake Shelton isn’t serving as a judge on the hit TV show “The Voice,” he prefers to spend his time outside.

So when he was invited to host a group of foster youngsters, he couldn’t wait to show them one of his all-time hobbies.

A group of foster youngsters were invited to fish on one of his Oklahoma ranches by the 10-time Country Music Award winner.

Shelton, an Oklahoma native and one of the few country music singers who does not reside in Nashville, owns a number of homes in the Sooner State.

He taught them how to fish and fillet their catch with the aid of volunteers, and the day concluded with a large fish fry.

Blake discusses his love of wildlife conservation in a recent edition of “Call of the Outdoors,” a hobby he follows as head of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Fostering Outdoor Oklahoma Families has partnered with the foundation to bring foster children and their families to the great outdoors.

Wildlife authorities remarked that they are thankful to Blake, for being so giving and taking the time to engage in the youngsters from their home state by teaching them what outdoor Oklahoma is all about.

The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation provided all of the equipment, and the kids were able to take it all home with them so they could continue to fish.

Blake is said to be spending more time in Oklahoma with his partner, Gwen Stefani, and their three children. He would ordinarily be in Los Angeles filming “The Voice,” but due to COVID constraints at that time he would film from home.

Blake owns at least two homes in Oklahoma and has expanded his real estate footprint with Gwen to include a lake property on Lake Texoma in Oklahoma, replete with swimming pool, swim-up tiki bar, and palm palms.

I hope these foster children get to experience many interesting excursions; they deserve to be indulged; thank you, Blake Shelton!

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