New Mom Is Separated from Her Baby Right after Birth, Finally Meets Him 58 Years Later

A mother and her child share one of the strongest connections in the world, and for one woman, that connection was torn away a mere six weeks after her son was born.

Separated from her baby boy at birth, June Mary Phelps was left to wonder about his life and what could have been. Meanwhile, her son Timothy Welch had a strong desire to reconnect.

Timothy wanted to learn about his history and the curiosity only grew with time. Finally, after 58 long years, something miraculous happened.

Tracing His Birth Mother
When Timothy stumbled upon an old photo of his birthplace, he had no idea it would set him on a journey that would change his life forever. His curiosity led him to a closed Facebook group for kids born at Yateley Haven in Hampshire, England.

The group moderator, Penny Green, a passionate amateur historian, was intrigued by Timothy’s story and offered to help him trace his birth mother. Little did they know, this would be the beginning of something significant.

He Was Born in a Mother-And-Baby Home
Penny’s own mother was sent to The Haven, a mother-and-baby home at 36, pregnant and unmarried. However, unlike many others, she was able to keep her baby. She changed her name, pretended to be married, and even fabricated a story about the baby’s father.

The Haven was where almost 1,800 babies were born, and many were taken away from their moms against their wishes. Timothy was one of these babies.

Timothy managed to contact his brothers, and it was the start of something life-changing.

The Heartbreaking Separation of a Mother and Her Son
Timothy believed his mother was a victim of forced adoption due to her young age. The fact that June didn’t have a choice and had to give up her child if she wanted to keep working was devastating.

She never saw him again, but her story was not over yet. Thanks to Penny’s guidance and expertise, Timothy took the necessary steps to obtain his original birth certificate, which contained valuable information about his birth mother.

Making Contact with His Family
With this information, Penny used various online resources to track down June and made the initial contact on Timothy’s behalf.

This ultimately led him to his mother’s current husband, Michael Mortimer. Via Michael, Timothy managed to contact his brothers, and it was the start of something life-changing.

The Emotional Reunion
After finally meeting his siblings, Chris and Greg, and their families, Timothy expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect with his biological family after 58 years of separation.

He felt fortunate to have met them, but the real highlight was when his brothers took him to see his birth mother on September 19, 2022—it was the moment he had been waiting for.

Timothy was overwhelmed with emotions as he looked into his mother’s eyes for the first time and felt an immediate connection. Despite his mother’s health challenges, she had a sharp memory of him and shared many stories.

He Gained a Valuable Piece of His Identity
Timothy savored every moment spent with his mother, cherishing the chance to finally connect and learn more about the woman who brought him into this world.

The teacher from London was also immensely thankful for his adoptive parents, Bill and Eunicé, who had already passed away. Bill and Eunice made sure Timothy knew how special he was and gave him a happy life. But it was essential to Timothy to meet his birth family. He said:

“A lot of it goes back to identity as a person over the years. I wondered who I was.”

The Online Response
The online community was thrilled for Timothy and shared in his joy. Many commenters shared their own adoption stories and thanked the man for sharing his:

“Sweet story, I met my birth mother after 50 years, and it was exceedingly special. We developed quite a strong bond, and now I hang out with brothers and sisters I never knew I had.”

“A beautiful and heartwarming story. I wish them all well as they get to know each other after a long time apart.”

“Found both my birth parents and siblings just in the last year. I love hearing good news about other people finding out where they come from.”

Since reuniting with his birth mom, Timothy has learned many new things about himself, including the identity of his birth father. He intended to find him as well.

He also looked forward to spending more time with his birth mom. They had a lifetime to catch up on, after all. We wish them well and many years of making new memories together.

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