A happy lion rescued from the circus is finally able to feel grass for the first time in his life… Watch the video here…

A video posted by Rancho dos Gnomos, a Brazilian animal sanctuary, elicited a mix of pure delight and empathy. Rancho dos Gnomos is a Brazilian animal sanctuary that focuses on the rehabilitation of wild exotic animals. They have a well-trained and professional staff. They want to help animals, particularly those that are naturally wild but have not lived in their natural habitat and have been mistreated in some way.

Will, a 13-year-old Lion, is featured in the video. He has spent his entire life in a circus. His entire life has been spent on stage and on the road. He has never lived in the woods and hence has no experience with natural surfaces. He has only known how concrete or a metal surface feels because he has spent his entire life in cages.

This is precisely why this video is so special and touching. Will took his first steps into dirt and grass for the first time in his life, and it was captured on camera.

After spending his entire existence in a cage, this was unquestionably a natural healing experience for him.

Will had never known what it was like to live freely and normally. It was anticipated that he would take some time to adjust to his new surroundings and circumstances. To everyone’s astonishment, he was thrilled and overjoyed at the prospect of being acquainted with soil and grass.

He rubbed the soil and grass with his pawas. Its suppleness enthralled and delighted him. He was finally near to nature in his natural home, free of the cage bars, after 13 years of imprisonment and circus life. Despite his age, he exhibited his feelings sprinting and rolling around in the grass.

Will was released from the circus in 2006 and taken in by Rancho dos Gnomos, as seen in this film. It was, however, only recently released.

Will died in 2011, after spending his years on this planet, yet it is comforting to know that he was able to enjoy his life before passing away.

Take a look at this video, but be warned: it will make you teary-eyed and sad.

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