Elderly Lady Works Multiple Jobs to Care For Her Husband, Is Called In for an Emergency Shift

Life tests us all in different ways. Some people have to go through health problems, while others have to make their way through a financial crisis.

Sometimes, a person may have to go through health and financial problems simultaneously. The lady in our story went through something similar but decided not to give up. Little did she know that a generous reward was waiting for her right around the corner.

Working as a lunch lady at Teton High School, Cheryl Stewart also cleaned the Forest Service building and the Seminary building after her shift. As the family’s sole breadwinner, things weren’t easy for the older woman.

Occasionally, Stewart also made rolls for the funerals held locally. She had to work hard to make ends meet because her husband was at home recovering from prostate cancer and lupus.

Stewart spent most of her day working but never complained. People loved her for her chirpiness and never saw her misbehaving with others, no matter what life made her go through.

Stewart used to travel in her van before the engine blew up. She had to borrow a car from her relative to travel to work.

Little did she know that soon she wouldn’t have to worry about commuting to work. A surprise was waiting for her outside the school’s building.

On a chilly morning in December 2018, Stewart received a call from Teton High School, asking her to come in for an emergency shift. The selfless woman quickly got ready and reached her workplace.

An elderly lady, Cheryl Stewart, wasA few minutes after she entered the cafeteria, a man wearing a Santa hat entered through the door and asked where Stewart was. She greeted him with a smile, after which he said:

Stewart looked at Nate Eaton and his team in disbelief with her hand covering her mouth. She knew he was here to gift her something but had no idea what it was.

Eaton pulled a small red box and handed it to Stewart, who couldn’t believe what was happening. He asked her to open the box and said:

Eaton gave her another similar box and asked her to open it. Stewart’s eyes widened when she opened the box and looked inside it. Moments later, she almost fell when Eaton said:

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Stewart asked Eaton if he was serious. It was hard for her to believe someone had gifted her a brand new SUV.

The sight of her new car seemed unreal to Stewart. Even after sitting in the driver’s seat, the elderly lady said she couldn’t believe it. When Eaton asked her how the gift would help her, she replied:

“This is going to help me so much. We struggled so much. Oh, thank you so much!”

Three years later, Nate Eaton had a surprise visitor at his office. Stewart came in with delicious cinnamon rolls that she had baked. She felt her Secret Santa had changed her life, and she was thankful for it.

Do you think you can also change someone’s life like that? Do you know someone who works hard like Stewart and struggles every day to make ends meet? You may surprise them with a small gift like the Secret Santa surprised Stewart.

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