Each night, the owners’ dog would awaken them; the woman decided to put in a camera and found out…

The family made the choice to take home a dog they had adopted from a shelter.

The adjustment went smoothly. However, the family started to notice that the dog behaved erratically at night and occasionally tried to wake them up.

They used a camera to keep an eye on the animal as a remedy. They were shocked to see a stranger on the webcam, who, it turned out, had been living in their attic all this time in secret.

The family first resisted when Amelia wanted to bring home a 10-year-old dog from a shelter. The dog was already rather old. These creatures can require a lot of care and attention.

Poco, as the dog was known, eventually moved into Amelia’s home because the woman insisted on it.

The pet’s adaption went smoothly initially. Poco immediately adjusted and started acting almost just as a typical domestic dachshund should.

When Poco started to scratch at the bedroom door while it was closed at night, though, people started to notice. He once sneaked inside and attempted to awaken the owners…

Amelia thought the circumstance was peculiar. Throughout the night, she made multiple rounds of the house but didn’t observe any indications of distress.

The woman then made the decision to place the registrar, positioning it such that the living space was visible on the video.

The woman decided to review the video footage a week later because Poco’s worry still hadn’t subsided.

The footage at first appeared to be ordinary, but then the woman noticed a shadow. Unknown person entered through the rear door and rapidly made their way to the attic stairs.

Without second thought, the woman dialed 911 and waited. The woman observed police officers removing a man from her home while she was already standing at a nearby location.

He was a wanted man, it turned out. He moved into Amelia’s home through an attic window and stayed there for a while. Who knows how things might have turned out if Poco hadn’t been there.

This was the small dog’s way of thanking the owner for giving him a new life…

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Love and peace.

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