Comatose teen what was declared ‘brain-dead’ what happen next is …

Trenton McKinley suffered seven skull fractures after the dune buggy he was riding in flipped and crashed. The 13-year-old was rushed into emergency surgery in critical condition.

“He was dead a total of 15 minutes,” his mother, Jennifer Reindl, said in an interview Fox 10. “When he came back, they said he would never be normal again … [and] that he would be a vegetable if he even made it.”

Trenton’s parents were faced with one of the worst decisions any parent can make – when do you let go? Heartbroken, they chose to remove Trenton from life support and leave his fate in God’s hands.

The paperwork was complete and Jennifer had agreed to allow Trenton’s organs to be donated. Then, just one day before the life support was scheduled to be removed, Trenton suddenly showed signs of brain activity. He moved his hands, and then his feet!

Trenton would go on to make nothing short of a miraculous recovery. He later told Fox News that he believed he briefly visited heaven while his body was still on life support.

“There’s no other explanation but God,” he explained. “There’s no other way. Even doctors said it.”

Watch the full news story below and hear more about Trenton’s incredible recovery in his own words.

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